Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Introduction to Save the Planet - A Career for Life

    • Welcome to Why Saving the Planet is a Career for Life

    • The Future of Work

    • Leading for Impact - Global Shapers

    • What is CSR and ESG and how does it make a positive change for the planet?

    • Where are the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Jobs?

    • Where are the Environmental Social Responsibility (ESG) Jobs?

  • 2

    Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    • Defining CSR

    • Drivers behind Corporate Social Responsibility

    • State of the Environment

    • CSR Definitions - Part 1

    • The Triple Bottom Line

    • Reading: What is Sustainable Investing?

    • Introduction to CSR Strategy Setting

  • 3

    Overview Environmental Social Responsibility (ESG)

    • An overview of ESG

    • Origins of the discipline

    • Applying ESG in companies and society

    • ESG as a professional tool

  • 4

    Congratulations - What is Next for You?

    • Congratulations - You now know a little about CSR , ESG and associated employment opportunities. Let's set ourselves some goals reach them together!


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