Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to employment opportunities in blockchain

    • Welcome to Why Blockchain is a Lucrative Career Path

    • Where are the Blockchain Jobs?

    • The future of Work

    • What is blockchain and what is it going to change

  • 2

    Overview of Blockchain and Blockchain Networks

    • What and Why - Blockchain

    • The Origin of Blockchain

    • What is a Blockchain?

    • Types of blockchain networks

  • 3

    Overview of Blockchain Platforms

    • Introduction to Blockchain Platforms

    • Introduction to Hyperledger Applications and Tools

  • 4

    Overview of Cryptocurrencies and the Digital Economy

    • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

    • Read - What is Cryptocurrency

    • Introduction to Cryptography

    • Introduction to Cryptocurrency tokens & Tokenization

    • Introduction to How People interact with Cryptocurrencies

  • 5

    Overview of The Future of Blockchain

    • Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

    • Introduction to Future Applications of Blockchain

    • Introduction to Real World Use Cases

    • Reading : The definition of a Blockchain Use Case

    • Why Blockchain in Retail

    • Six Ways blockchain can be used in the Financial Services

  • 6

    Congratulations - What is Next for You?

    • Congratulations - You now know a little about blockchain and blockchain employment opportunities


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