Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Why Blockchain is a Lucrative Career Path

    2. Where are the Blockchain Jobs?

    3. The future of Work

    4. What is blockchain and what is it going to change

    1. What and Why - Blockchain

    2. The Origin of Blockchain

    3. What is a Blockchain?

    4. Types of blockchain networks

    1. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

    2. Read - What is Cryptocurrency

    3. Introduction to Cryptography

    4. Introduction to Cryptocurrency tokens & Tokenization

    5. Introduction to How People interact with Cryptocurrencies

    1. Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

    2. Introduction to Future Applications of Blockchain

    3. Introduction to Real World Use Cases

    4. Reading : The definition of a Blockchain Use Case

    5. Why Blockchain in Retail

    6. Six Ways blockchain can be used in the Financial Services

    1. Congratulations - You now know a little about blockchain and blockchain employment opportunities

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