Course curriculum

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    Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

    • What is blockchain?

    • Knowledge Check - Quiz: What is Blockchain?

    • What is Bitcoin?

    • Knowledge Check - Quiz: What is Bitcoin?

    • The role of Bitcoin Miners

    • Demo: Hash Functions

    • Demo: Block Hashes

    • Demo: How Block Hashes work in Blockchain

    • Demo: How a Distributed Blockchain works

    • Knowledge Check - Quiz: Cryptographic hashing

    • The four components of Bitcoin

    • What is a Coinbase Transaction

    • Virtual Field Trip: The Bitcoin Blockchain at work

    • Key Concepts in Bitcoin

    • Knowledge Check - Quiz: Key concepts in Bitcoin

    • The Birth of Bitcoin

    • The Value of Blockchain

    • The value of Blockchain: Cryptocurrency

    • The Value of Blockchain: Digital Tokens

    • The Value of Blockchain: Smart Contracts

    • The value of Blockchain: The Birth of Smart Contracts

    • The Value of Blockchain: DOA's and DAC's

    • Business Use Cases of Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

    • Limitations of Blockchain Technology

    • Common Misconception about Blockchain and Bitcoin

    • What is Bitcoin Cash

    • On Forks, Transactions and Segregated Witness

    • Infographic: Three steps to successfully Handling a Bitcoin Hard Fork

    • The controlled supply of Bitcoin

    • On the future of Bitcoin Mining

    • Important dates in Bitcoin History

    • Merkle Trees

    • Knowledge Check - Quiz: Blockchain and Bitcoin Quick Knowledge check

    • What sets the price of a Bitcoin?

    • Getting Stated with Bitcoin

    • Choose a Bitcoin Wallet

    • Sending and Receiving Bitcoins

    • Store you Bitcoin Safely

    • Store you Bitcoin Safely (Associated Links)

    • How to convert your Bitcoin into Fiat Currency

    • Valuable Bitcoin Links

    • Review and Valuable Blockchain Resources

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    Congratulations - What is Next?

    • Congratulations - for successfully completing this program

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    • Blockchain Glossary

    • Blockchain adoption by the top- 100 public companies

    • Read: 5 Companies Already Brilliantly Using Smart Contracts