Free intro to Blockchain

RJ Faulkner

Blockchain technology this is a great free introductory course. It covers the basics and just scratches the surface on how Blockchains will be used in the near future. Very interesting.

Sold my first NFT!


Just sold my first NFT after taking your course on NFTs. That was amazing!

Project Management - Foundation for Success


Thanks Wayne, your course was so informative, and the hands on experience is what topped it off as a must-take course! I've been telling my coworkers about it! I'm sure that I'll be in touch again as I look at all the documents and begin planning my next project!

Dr. Goldston is a Rockstar!


Came here because of Dr. Justin's Ted Talks. Just finished the 1st blockchain course and wanting more. Now every time I see Dr. Justin Goldston's picture on the net, I click :) So happy to be taking his classes.

Blockchain Certificate Program


Very comprehensive, to-the-point, interesting and relevant case studies. Overall, I felt it provided enough foundation to confidently enter this emerging market.

I took the Blockchain intro 2.0! Whaaat!!

RJ Faulkner

It’s a massive improvement over the first one!!! Huge! Looks really good. It’s modern, touches on so much more that both blockchains and crypto has to offer. It left me wanting more! I would recommend mentioning how long each free sample course is just so people have an idea and can put aside the proper amount of time.

Project Management - Foundation for Success


Thanks you so much Wayne. The course was beyond beneficial and was laid out in a very practical way. Thanks again.

CSR - Conscious Capitalism - People, Planet and Profit


Courses are very easy to navigate, combined with an audio version and supported with reasonable assignments. Great job!

Blockchain Certificate Program


The materials have been easy to follow, and assignments very relevant and suitably challenging. I look forward to taking more courses!